"The Aviva Development Zone has helped me develop my knowledge and skills which I now can apply to my day to day role as an account handler." - Alex Quinn, Account Handler


Paula Purslow, Alex's Line Manager, adds, "The Development Zone has enabled Alex to progress in her current role at an accelerated pace. She has worked independently on courses that I have allocated to her, and additional ones that she has selected herself to support her in her day to day role. She has been able to gain all the foundation knowledge that is required to embark on her career in the insurance industry which has put her ahead of where I would expect a new entrant to be. As a result Alex has already started underwriting some of her smaller property owners cases and can support her suggestions with sound rationale, relying on the knowledge she has gained from the Development Zone courses. The Development Zone has really worked for Alex and I am really pleased that her progress has been recognised."