L&D For The Whole Team

We know that different people have different levels of competence and knowledge about the insurance industry. The Aviva Development Zone is designed to provide assessment and learning for everyone.



Aviva Development Zone for Learners

Online Learning For Individuals

Development is both personal and professional. The system provides every learner with the tools necessary to build learning plans designed to support their job roles with a vast library of technical content as well as a growing library of business skills learning content to give autonomy to learners to help them build their own skills and develop themselves in the work environment. The learning is all delivered online in pretty html5, which means that you can access your learning plans at any time of day on any device with no annoying pop-ups or internet browser issues.


Learning is assessment based so that you can find the areas that you are not so strong in and focus your development where it matters, saving you time. The large variety of reports allow you to monitor progress and see how you compare to others. We also offer badge rewards to help you mark your progress and provide evidence of knowledge to your supervisors, clients and peers.


The Development Zone has been built with the learner in mind, and our learners tell us that it is one of the best elearning systems they have seen.


"The Development Zone enabled me to enhance my in-house training by getting a deeper knowledge of the insurances I would be dealing with. The pages were easy to navigate and I enjoyed testing myself.” – David Greenhouse, MR Ratcliffe Insurance Brokers


Aviva Development Zone for New Starters

New Starters Learning

The system is perfect for people who are new to the world of insurance. Content ranges from the basic fundamentals to specific subject matter and is easily accessible – meaning that new starters can learn on the job and at their own pace. July 2016 saw the launch of our new Induction Learning programme with 32 new modules designed to educate those new to the industry on the basics of insurance and insurance broking.


The new induction programme is available to all at no extra cost. For more information, click here.


"I recently joined the Ballynahinch branch of Kerr Group, Insurance Brokers, Northern Ireland, and as part of my New Entrant induction I completed a schedule of Development Zone Study Modules. This is the first time I’ve used the Development Zone site and I found it easy to learn and navigate. The study notes were helpful and raised my level of insurance understanding, although the ‘end of study’ test questions sometimes required detailed knowledge. I am confident that Kerr Group’s programme of further Development Zone Study Modules further will increase my competence and would be happy to recommend this study facility.” – Erica McVeigh, Kerr Group


Aviva Development Zone for Supervisors, Team Leaders & Training Departments

Online Learning Supervision and Training

With the Development Zone, you will be able to build the learning that you need for your company or teams. As a Supervisor, you receive access to a whole suite of supervisor reports and can even split your company into teams and push learning to them depending on the need for their departments.


Supervisors can even build their own custom learning content on the system and push it to learners with a full overview of knowing who has met learning targets and who hasn’t.


Our assessment led model of learning, means that you can quickly spot learning needs and risks to your business. As you can interrogate assessment results and see which questions learners have got wrong then you are better able to identify training needs and make a more informed decision about where to spend your training budgets to make your business more efficient.


For more information, click here.


"The Development Zone has enabled Alex to progress in her current role at an accelerated pace. She has worked independently on courses that I have allocated to her, and additional ones that she has selected herself to support her in her day to day role. She has been able to gain all the foundation knowledge that is required to embark on her career in the insurance industry which has put her ahead of where I would expect a new entrant to be. As a result Alex has already started underwriting some of her smaller property owner’s cases and can support her suggestions with sound rationale, relying on the knowledge she has gained from the Development Zone courses. The Development Zone has really worked for Alex and I am really pleased that her progress has been recognised." – Paula Purslow, Line Manager, MG Insurance


Aviva Development Zone for Business Owners

Learning For Business Leaders

Learning is innate and continues throughout your life. No matter what level within the business you find yourself, there is always a need to learn and evidence to the regulator that you have a culture within your business that monitors risks and that training and competence is embedded across the company. This is why we have designed the Development Zone to also support the owners and leaders of an insurance brokerage. As well as fundamentals of insurance, we also have courses on more complex technical content and have built a library of leadership material designed to help you ensure that you have the tools and knowledge to help you grow your business and motivate your employees to succeed.


“Why do I train? – to keep my knowledge up to date and maintain confidence. What motivates me? – providing a service that is recognised by Clients and colleagues. Why Development Zone? – It’s easy to use, aimed at and benchmarked against other Insurance Brokers.” – Robin Spencer-Smith, Managing Director 


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