Induction Training

Insurance Brokers Induction Training


Joining the insurance broking profession is a proud moment for most new recruits. It is the first step to a rewarding career where relationships are made and where quality advice and service is given to clients. It is also challenging to enter a regulated industry and there is a lot to learn. 


RWA has produced and designed 32 online courses in the Aviva Development Zone Induction Pathway, all designed to help those new to the industry or those looking to refresh their basic knowledge and their understanding of insurance and the broking world. All the courses are found in the Course Catalogue and can be accessed as individual course modules in your T&C plan, or for those looking for a real challenge, then you can complete the whole Induction Pathway which will include a 50 question multiple choice assessment at the end where the learner must achieve a 90% pass rate to obtain their Induction To Insurance badge.


These modules are suitable for any new starters at your company or those who need a better understanding of the fundamentals of insurance broking.


The pathway and all its modules are included at no extra charge and are open to all Aviva Development Zone licence holders. 


The courses are:


Part 1 - The Authorities Defining The Duties of an Insurance Broker

1.1 - The Law

1.2 - Regulation

1.3 - Codes of Conduct and Behaviour

1.4 - Introduction to TCF


Part 2 - The Insurance Broking Profession

2.1 - What is a Profession

2.2 - Brief History of Insurance Broking

2.3 - Insurance Broking in the Insurance Market

2.4 - Professional Bodies


Part 3 - The Duties and Obligations for a Member of the Profession of Insurance Brokers

3.1 - Being a Member of a Profession

3.2 - The Duty to Remain Competent

3.3 - Maintaining Competency in Your Role

3.4 - Duty to Keep Records and Make Notes

3.5 - Keeping a Diary System

3.6 - Public Promotion and Advertising

3.7 - How to Deal with a Potential Client

3.8 - Explaining the Services One Offers

3.9 - The Agreement to Work for the Client

3.10 - Advised and Non Advised Sales

3.11 - Gathering Information

3.12 - Making a Fair Presentation of Risk to the Market

3.13 - The Nature of Advice or a Quotation to the Client

3.14 - Explaining the Recommendation or Quotation

3.15 - Evaluating the Client's Knowledge and Understanding

3.16 - Documents the Client Should be Sent, Given or Have Access To

3.17 - Suitability and Demands & Needs

3.18 - Duties During the Course of a Policy Term

3.19 - Duties at Renewal

3.20 - Rebroking a Risk

3.21 - Transferring a Case to or from Another Insurance Broker

3.22 - Duties to a Client at the Time of a Claim

3.23 - Duties on Gaining or Losing a Client


Part 4 - Continuing Professional Development


4.1 - CPD


Learners can access this pathway and the whole of the Development Zone catalogue for only £8.25 inc VAT per month. This is a great low cost solution for firms who are unsure whether to invest in formal qualifications or training for new starters. For further details or to arrange a free trial, please click the following button:


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