Gap Analysis Assessments

Gap Analysis



How do you know what the risks to your business are if you don’t know where to find the gaps?


Central to the Development Zone’s raison d’etre is to find out what you don’t know (not what you know) and the Development Zone is one of the only platforms to truly look to the more modern approach of formative learning.


Summative vs Formative Learning


Summative Learning is the traditional method of assessing someone after they have completed their learning (such as an exam); however, this method is really only beneficial as a means of testing someone’s short term recall.


Formative Learning is based around the idea that learners should be assessed before they start learning, do assessments during the learning and then a final assessment at the end of the learning.


Which is better?


We believe formative learning is. By taking an initial gap analysis first you have a basic benchmark score to show your initial competency levels. If you then go and do some learning and focus on filling in the gaps of what you do not know, then you don’t have to worry about wasting time and expense on learning what you know already. Finally, when you have finished your learning do the gap analysis assessment again and hopefully you will have a higher score than your first attempt. This is great, and helps you provide the evidence that you have not only measured competency (the gap analysis), but that you have evidenced it and improved it (the gap analysis revisited).


We do not just report a pass or fail!


The Development Zone interrogates and stores every answer and every attempt on a gap analysis. This means that you can look at exact answer papers at any time in the future to see how you or a member of staff answered a set question.