Welcome back to Team CPD!



15th February 2017


In 2016, our Team CPD initiative helped our learners achieve their CPD goals through a series of monthly reminders, tips, advice and encouragement. This was a free opt-in service, designed to provide support and promote professional development. This year we aim to help even more of our learners by expanding it so that all Development Zone users can read our monthly newsletters.


What do you want to achieve this year?


Our newsletters will include ideas on how you can not only complete your 35 hours CPD, but get the most out of them too. We believe that CPD should be about personal as well as professional development. And don't forget that completing and recording your 35 hours will also earn you an Open Badge reward.


So welcome - or welcome back - to Team CPD. We look forward to helping you achieve your CPD goals in 2017!


Read our latest Team CPD newsletter here to find out more.