The smarter, faster and better Aviva Development Zone



Coming soon! 


The Aviva Development Zone is getting smarter, faster and better. Drawing upon feedback from learners and insights gathered from our usage data, the team at RWA has been hard at work on a raft of improvements. The innovative e-learning platform will retain the features, course content, and user experience that have earned it numerous accolades. Following the update, it will also include a range of additional features, which will greatly enhance the platform's functionality. 



For more information, please see the following PDF: What to look forward to in the updated Aviva Development Zone


The newly improved version launches on the 13th of March 2017We hope that you will enjoy and benefit from the improved Aviva Development Zone. As always, our learners will be supported all the way; before, during and after the update. Should you have any additional queries, which are not covered here, please get in contact.